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Our skilled and highly motivated team is at your disposal. You choose your level of participation; whether you want us to create a unique design for you from scratch, design by your direction, or bring your own design to life using our pre-built templates–you are in control.

If you choose to send us artwork for your 3 Springs Water Company Inc. bottles, the general rule is the quality of your label will largely depend on the quality of the artwork you provide to us.

Media Accepted
Acceptable files are: CS6 or lower. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, eps and tiff files (Mac or PC), In Design or high resolution PDF files (Mac only). Photoshop images must have a resolution of 300dpi, RGB or CMYK. Images with lower resolution will be pixilated or blurry. Please outline all type to avoid font issues. Microsoft Word / Office files are unacceptable.

Please Note
Your label will go on a curved surface. In the design process you may want to consider that your image and/or message will be most visible if it is positioned in the middle of the label within a width of approx, 2.5 inches on a 16.9oz label. Other information can be positioned appropriately.

Art files can be emailed to:
Art on disc or art to be scanned can be mailed to:
3 Springs Water
Art Department
1800 Pine Run Rd.,
Laurel Run, PA 18706

Call toll-free, from 7am – 5pm EST at 800-332-PURE (7873)

Biggest Loser | Wente | Hotel Adagio
8oz - 237ml 1.75" X 7.75”
8oz - 237ml 1.625" X 7”
12oz - 355ml 1.75" X 7.75”
12oz - 355ml 3.0” x 7”
16.9oz - 500ml 5.0” x 7”
16.9oz - 500ml 5.0” x 7”
16.9oz - 500ml 2.0” x 7.75”
20oz - 591ml 2.375” x 8.25”
24oz - 709ml 2.375” x 8.25”
23.66oz - 700ml 5.0” x 7.75”
33.8oz - 1L 5.5" x 8.5"
33.8oz - 1L 3.0” x 10.5”
50.7 - 1.5L  3.0” x 10.5”
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