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Bottled At The Source Since 1927

A leading supplier of only the cleanest natural spring water, 3 Springs Water Inc. is dedicated to keeping your body, and the environment, as pure as possible. That’s why we always use Green technology in our bottling process, and why we have bottled at the source since 1927. Our pristine water flows from the Penobscot Ridge Mountains in the Lackawanna State Forest of Pennsylvania.  Lackawanna, a Lenape Indian word used to describe the great river the historical county is named after, translates to “stream that forks.” We are lucky enough to be located in this majestic area. The bountiful “stream” is the wellspring for 3 Springs Water Inc., constantly providing fresh, clean water to our well, a well located just a few steps away from our plant. From the mountains of Pennsylvania to you: 3 Springs Water Company Inc. strives to bottle Mother Nature for you and your clients.




3 Springs Water Company Inc. is the perfect choice for any occasion or business: Hotels, uniquely themed private events, restaurants, hospitals, small businesses, universities…any business or individual looking for effective and affordable promotion with unmatched service. 3 Springs Water Company Inc. offers your custom private label on the highest quality water. We distribute across the Eastern Seaboard using our own delivery trucks and a network of freight partners with whom we have negotiated outstanding shipping rates: Cutting cost saves you money!

Our services include:
• Unmatched Customer Service And Support
• State Of The Art Comprehensive Design Team
• Latest Printing Technology Combined With Our 9 Color Press
• Customized Label Packages & Programs.
• Turnkey Delivery Services

Our toll-free phone number ensures a 3 Springs Water Company Inc. representative is ready to provide every customer prompt service solutions at every step of the way.



Call toll-free, from 7am – 5pm EST at 800-332-PURE (7873)

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