Bottled At The Source Since 1927TM

Exceptional water starts at the source

Our plant in Pennsylvania has bottled water at the source since 1927. This water source flows from the Penobscot Ridge Mountains in the Lackawanna State Forest of Pennsylvania, a majestic area with exceptional water quality and taste.

3 Springs Water Company, LLC. will control delivery on time, every time. The pristine Lackawanna stream, located just next door to our plant, keeps fresh water constantly flowing: All within 100 miles of New York City. Our drivers rush this clean water all over the Eastern Seaboard. We offer timely bottling and distribution from our own fleet of delivery trucks and a network of freight partners with whom we have negotiated outstanding shipping rates. This ultra-organized shipping process saves not only time and money for our clients, but keeps 3 Springs Company LLC. clean and Green by cutting down on unnecessary fuel usage.

Interested in enhanced water? We offer that too!

3 Springs Water offers a variety of water types for our customers. Choose from:

Sparkling, Purified, Spring, Mineral Enhanced, Vitamin Enhanced, Flavored, Alkaline, and De-Ionized Water

2017 NSF Report for

3 Springs Water Company Inc.

Below is the title 21 report for our spring.